New Desk-Top thermal printer from DASCOM - Printer specialist is expanding its product portfolio with new industrial thermal printers

DASCOM Europe GmbH, based in Ulm, announces the immediate availability of the new DL-210 thermal printer. The model can be convincing by a flexible, easy to exchange interface system as well as a very good price / performance ratio. In order to be able to be used in logistic applications, the new thermal printer can be equipped with a 300 meter ribbon and a large media reel, which means that even large print jobs can be processed without user intervention.


The existing Thermoprinter product family is extended by two further Desk-Top models. Both units are characterized by simple operation. In addition to the standard model of the DL-210 with metal tear bar, there is also a variant with integrated cutter. A common feature of all products is the possibility of using a 300 meter ribbon and a high-capacity media roll with a diameter of up to 5 inches, so that even large print jobs can be processed without problems in the logistical environment.


Both printers share the variable and user-friendly interface to be exchanged. In addition to the standard USB interface, the printers can be equipped with a parallel, serial or Ethernet interface. With a print width of 104 mm and a speed of up to 127 mm per second, the DL-210 is an attractive alternative, especially since it has a ZPL as well as an EPL emulation.


"With the new models, we are expanding our established thermal printers with an attractive desk top model," says Michael Ried, marketing manager at DASCOM Europe. "Our many years of experience in this customer segment is reflected in these printers."

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