Reliable printing under construction site conditions - The sturdy DASCOM MIP480 mobile printer is robust in every situation

The customer

ROSS Bauservice is a highly experienced service company for the supply and disposal of building materials. The supply of asphalt and concrete as well as the recycling of soil and construction waste are just as much a part of its core competencies as logistics and civil engineering services. With certified production facilities and its own quarry, Ross Bauservice GmbH & Co. KG covers the entire value chain in the Rhine-Nahe-Hunsrück, Rhine-Main-Neckar and Kaiserslautern regions.


MIP480 has graphics capability thanks to its 24 needles

ROSS immediately opted for the compact MIP480 24 dot matrix printer from DASCOM and installed it in the cabs of its wheel loaders. The reason for the change of manufacturer was a system change which required the printing of the CE mark as well as the QR code. Thanks to its 24-pin print head, the MIP480 has no problems with printing graphics. On the contrary: Ross is highly satisfied with the excellent legibility of the QR code on the original. The wheel loader now prints around 50 weighing slips per day, each with one original and three carbon copies.


Nothing can shake the MIP480

Sebastian Hahn, the responsible IT manager, was impressed by the robust MIP480 right from the start. The consultancy provided by the firm of Andreas Laubner from Maxdorf, a long-standing partner to DASCOM Europe GmbH, was convincing. The result was that Ross immediately took over the test printer which had been provided and installed it permanently. The MIP480 was immediately subjected to the harshest of tests. It was installed in a wheel loader used in a plant for crushing chunks of asphalt from road construction. The surroundings were correspondingly rough and dusty. The robust MIP480 is exactly the right choice for this. It was unshakable in the truest sense of the word.


Trouble-free, maintenance-free - simply awesome

A further six wheel loaders were gradually equipped with a MIP480 and all the printers have been running smoothly since day one. At Ross Bauservice they are more than satisfied: "The new printers are simply great," says Sebastian Hahn, adding: "In spite of regular maintenance, our previous printers were very susceptible to breakdowns. Because of the harsh environmental conditions, they required a lot of maintenance." Just like its predecessors, the MIP480 is regularly and carefully cleaned with compressed air, which is sufficient for trouble-free operation.


And of course, the MIP480 saves money

The MIP480 from DASCOM is more expensive than its predecessor, which was previously used by Ross Bauservice. But Ross often had to replace the former printers. Under the extreme conditions of the construction site some broke down after only a few months. This was expensive, of course. In contrast, with the MIP480 the consumption of ink ribbons is also extremely low. "We believe there will be significant cost savings here in the medium term," says Hahn. The MIP480 is currently operated via a USB interface on a tablet. In future Ross Bauservice plans to connect the printers directly to the scales via a serial connection. This will also remove the need for the tablet. "The MIP480 will then pay off even more for us," says enthusiastic IT manager Sebastian Hahn.

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