Geiger deploys DASCOM dot matrix printers in tunnel excavation works

The Geiger group of companies, based in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region, undertakes delivery, building, renovation and waste disposal works for its clients in the infrastructure, real estate and environmental sectors.

The period up to the end of 2019 sees the construction of the Boßlertunnel, for the new intercity express railway line to Ulm. The Geiger group of companies was awarded the contract to transport away and dispose of the excavated material. 10,000 tonnes of stone are weighed and loaded every day. And this is where the powerful Tally T2150S dot matrix printer with integrated cutter comes in. In special weighing containers, it prints weighing slips and the acceptance documents required for transporting and disposal of the material excavated from the tunnel. At peak times, up to 500 forms a day need to be printed, without affecting the loading process. The entire weighing process, including printing, takes no more than one minute.

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