Faster and quieter – The new Tally Dascom 26xx+ series

With the Tally Dascom 26xx+ series of matrix printers, DASCOM, one of the world’s leading experts in matrix printers, presents a refinement of the successful Tally Dascom 2600 and 2610 models. The new printers delight thanks to their higher printing speed and yet lower noise level. Thanks to a new ribbon, the easy handling has been improved once again, and the ports have also been optimised. The built-in Ethernet now supports IPv6, making it future-proof. A new addition is the USB host port, which makes firmware updates easier.

Whether you choose the 80-character A4 Tally Dascom 2600+ or the Tally Dascom 2610+ with a printing width of 136 characters (A3), both printers prove once again why DASCOM products are predestined for industrial use. The barcode printing options are unsurpassed; with 17 possible variants and both OCR-A and OCR-B, the new matrix printers cover a broad spectrum. The printers are equipped with a user-friendly clear text display, unique for this type of product, by means of which the user can enter the easy-to-understand parameters in five languages. The new printers have a printing capacity of 20,000 pages per month at a speed of up to 683 characters/second, offering high processing speeds even for large printing jobs. But as if that’s not enough: Thanks to the special arrangement of the pins in the printing head, the noise level could also be reduced by 2 dB(A). The modest purchase price and low cost per page are also outstanding factors.
Paper management is very flexible; paper input is via the continuous tractor feed, which can be used as either a push tractor or a pull tractor. A second push tractor is optionally available. A metal tear-off edge ensures a clean separation when the continuous paper needs to be cut off following a print job. Individual sheets can be fed in from the front via the sheet feeder. With a storage capacity of 256 kB, these printers are ideally prepared for large printing jobs and for use in a network. Fitted with parallel, USB and IPv6 Ethernet interfaces as standard, you can connect these printers to almost any EDP system. An optional se-rial port completes the possible connection options. A new addition is the USB host port, which makes it easy to save the printer’s settings and clone them to a different printer. What’s more, it can also be used for installing firmware updates.
Thanks to the backlit LCD display, all settings can be adjusted with the utmost convenience via the oper-ating panel, even under the worst lighting conditions. The operator does not even need to be at the device. Using just a web browser, and without installing any additional software, it is possible to manage not on-ly the network settings but all printer settings from a central location using the virtual panel.
Even limited space requirements pose no problem for the Tally Dascom matrix printers, which are ex-tremely compact at just 458 x 265 x 200 mm or 600 x 265 x 200 mm (WxDxH), requiring a footprint up to 40% smaller than that of comparable models..
Both printers are available immediately for a retail price of £549 (Tally Dascom 2600+) or £649 (Tally Dascom 2610+).
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