New dot-matrix and flatbed printer from DASCOM

DASCOM Europe GmbH, a leading printer provider of Business Printing Solutions whose serial matrix, special and thermal printers are sold under the brand names Tally and Tally Dascom, is expanding its product portfolio of dot-matrix and flatbed printers.


With its two printer models, Tally Dascom 1140 and 1145, both 9-pin (1140) and 24-pin versions are available as starters models. Both printers use the DIN A4 format and their compact dimensions mean that they can fit in anywhere, even where there is limited space. Easy to use, low operating costs and good print quality make this printer the ideal choice for small companies, where there is a low printing volume of delivery notes and labels. Furthermore these printers are also suitable for use as a measuring and log printer, which can be connected to almost all systems thanks to the diverse interfaces.


The flatbed printer Tall Dascom 1330 replaces the tried-and-tested 1325 printer, and offers an improvement in performance of up to 20% at a printing speed of 450 characters/second. Be it top-glued forms in DIN A4 format, recipes or prescriptions in DIN A6 format or continuous paper - thanks to its flatbed design, individual sheets and continuous paper (with up to 6 copies) can be processed quickly and easily. As with its predecessor, the key settings can be made easily using the upper panel. The interface technology on all the printers in the range is impressive: In addition to the basic model with the USB interface, there are versions with USB/parallel, USB/serial or USB/Ethernet interface.

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